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IdentityPro Pack -Business Email with Domain Name

Ok Losing 74%
Of Potential New Business?

Make the best first impression for your business with 180 Link Digital Media’s IdentityPro Pack, which includes a branded business email app and domain name.

180 Link Digital Media
Myth #1
A branded email will not help my business.

Seventy-four percent of consumers in a Verisign survey would trust a company-business email address more than a free one. One reason may be that a branded email shows your customers that your business is legitimate and established.1

Why IdentityPro Pack?

Build Consumer Trust

68% of consumers are less likely to trust a business using free email services. A business email address that matches your domain can increase your brand’s credibility and consumer trust.

Enhanced Email Security

With IdentityPro Pack, enjoy premium spam and virus protection, ensuring secure business communications. Our advanced security features, including domain privacy and 2FA, protect your online presence beyond what free services offer.

Robust Business Email Account

Experience a reliable 99.9% uptime and a robust webmail platform designed for SMBs. Our package includes shared calendaring, contacts, tasks, and cloud file storage, ensuring your business stays connected and productive.

Affordable & Easy Setup

For just $34.99 for the first year, get your professional email and domain registration, including domain privacy. Our easy setup process means you can professionalize your online presence today without the need for technical expertise.

The Power of Professionalism

A business email address, application, and domain name are more than just tools; they reflect your business’s commitment to professionalism and quality. By choosing IdentityPro Pack, you’re choosing a path to:

Increased Consumer Confidence

Show your customers that you’re a legitimate and trustworthy business. A professional domain name and email address are key indicators of a serious business operation.

Improved Brand Recognition

Make your brand memorable. A custom domain name increases brand visibility and makes it easier for customers to remember and revisit your site.

Competitive Edge

Stand out from the competition. A professional email address and domain name set you apart from businesses using free email services, giving you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Get Started Today
$3499 / year

Don’t let your business blend into the background with a generic email and domain. Elevate your online presence and build consumer trust with IdentityPro Pack

Get started for just $34.99 for the first year and take the first step towards a more professional, secure, and reliable online identity for your business.

Order now, select your domain name, and setup you professional email service in minutes.

1.) 4 Myths About Using a Branded Email for Business - Verisign Blog. https://blog.verisign.com/getting-online/4-myths-about-using-a-branded-email-for-business/

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