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Hello, business owner! We understand that analyzing marketing performance can be overwhelming. Our team of experts can help you with this. 

We provide top-notch marketing performance reporting and dashboard services. We aim to turn complex data into actionable insights. So you can focus on running your business while we take care of the analysis for you.

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Small and medium-sized businesses need information to succeed. Marketing reports help them understand how well their efforts work and where to improve.
These reports allow businesses to find effective strategies, avoid costly mistakes, and increase sales.

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In today's demanding market, you need more than just instincts. Marketing reports give you essential data to make intelligent choices. Small businesses can improve their marketing plans by studying key numbers, using resources better, and achieving steady growth. Believe in the data and let it guide your decisions.

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with Data-Driven Decisions 

Our marketing performance reporting and dashboard services will help you stay on your game.

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Monitor your campaigns' progress and quickly spot areas that need improvement.

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Analyze data to make informed decisions about how to allocate resources.

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Monitor marketing performance and pinpoint successful strategies to build on.

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Harness valuable insights to innovate and stay ahead in the digital landscape.

A Case Study:

Data Driving Sales Performance for A Small Business

Marellan-pools case studyNarellan Pools, a small Australian-based swimming pool builder, successfully leveraged big data to revamp its marketing strategy and increase sales. Between 2007 and 2013, the company faced a 25% drop in revenue.

To reverse this trend, Narellan partnered with Affinity, a marketing services firm, and developed a digitally-led marketing strategy on a budget of AUD 495,000 (USD $321,750). Affinity’s team analyzed sales data, revealing that lead conversion rates sometimes surged to 800% of the norm. They compiled seven terabytes of data, combining Narellan’s proprietary and third-party data.

After exhaustive analysis, they found a pivotal customer insight: the significant increase in conversion from interest to purchase, driven by temperature relative to the recent past.

Acting on this insight, Narellan launched an online campaign, turned on when the current temperature exceeded the mean rolling monthly average for two consecutive days in a specific region. The campaign struck a chord with potential customers, evoking the image of the first dive into one’s pool.

Source: “How a small company used big data to increase its sales” by Dominique Turpin,

Performance Gains

23% Sales increase from data

Narellan Pools’ data-driven campaign yielded impressive results. In 2015, leads increased by 11%, and sales surged by 23% compared to the previous year. Remarkably, the company achieved these results while only spending 70% of the allocated AUD 495,000 (USD $321,750) media budget. The return on marketing expenditure was an astonishing AUD 54 (USD $35.10) for every dollar spent. By leveraging data and analytics, Narellan Pools reversed declining sales, showcasing how intelligent analysis can yield valuable customer insights and drive effective marketing strategies.

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