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Marketing tips and ideas for growing your small business or brand through digital marketing and traditional marketing channels.
7 Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Survive COVID and Other Downturns

We outline seven practical measures to help small businesses survive the current COVID recession and other business challenges. Take advantage of these marketing tips to keep your brand in front of existing and potential customers to come out of these difficult times in a far better position than many of your competitors.

Conducting a site audit is by far one of the most important steps for improving the "marketing grade" of your website. No shortage of industry studies and data underscores the importance of website performance, structure, content, and usability, especially as these factors relate to search engine rankings and the user experience (UX).

4 Ideal Marketing Channels for Small Businesses Ramping Up for the 2020 Holiday Season

If a business is looking to make as much as it made last year from online holiday sales—strategic planning is a must. With the use of digital marketing on the rise, many companies keep asking about the best channels for making the most of online holiday sales.